Live-Konzerte, Dragshow, Open Stage oder Datingparty….  – der Eintritt ist immer frei.

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Okt 21 um 19:00 – 22:00
come by and join us for this night of Special priceSOLi shots Shortly dance theories Special games refugee supporting Dance/Sing performances fresh faces
Nov 4 um 17:00 – 22:00
Come join us for an evening of delicious mouth watering vegan sweets, buffet style dinner and drag variety shows brought to you by the multifaceted House of Living Colors! We are doing thi s to fundraise for our beloved Lux, … Continue reading
Love is in the Air is Silverfuture’s little contact market for everyone – open all gender! If you enjoy giving or receiving compliments, if you rather want to hang out with other like-minded people instead of being there all by yourself, … Continue reading
“Es geht nicht darum einen Plattenvertrag bei Universal zu bekommen. Es geht darum, dass es hier einfach ein scheisz Happening gibt. Scheiszegal-Happening!” Das Popdou Scheiszegal begleitet und unterhält mit melodischen neu- und alt interpretationen bekannter und weniger bekannter Hits. Mit … Continue reading
Nov 25 um 19:30
  *DRAGOHOLIC* – a phenomenal celebration of queer music and drag art. Join us every last Sunday of the month at *SilverFuture* for a Dragoholic night with the fabulous Judy LaDivina and new drag performers, hitting our stage for the … Continue reading
Nov 26 um 19:00
NON*BINARY*BAR for kings and queens and inbetweens and those who choose not to identify at all and their friends*** dress to impress and get a free shot of *PINK*BRAIN* ***WILL GENDER EVER DIE?*** *CU